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A message from the President, Steven C. Hawkins:

Armed with a core belief that rail management and operational practices could be better for the customer, the employee, and the rail industry as a whole, I organized Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation in 2003 to build a new foundation for rail service in my native South Carolina and neighboring North Carolina. By focusing the company’s energies on a clearly defined region while reinvesting significant revenue back into the lines and assets that constitute the company’s key product: service; it is the conviction of Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation that an un-benchmarked level of rail service can be attained and sustained in the western Carolinas.

So how do you reach that new benchmark of service in an industry whose roots are sewn in resistance to change? You start by establishing unprecedented core values for the company itself… values that promote thought processes that lead to constructive change and an ever-increasing bar to attain and surpass. At the heart of Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation are three simple and concise core values that I believe are the key to this company’s success in the rail industry:

  • Service to God. God our Maker and Creator must always come first in All things.
  • Service to Family. Our family must be second only to God.
  • Service to Career. Our career is a means of serving God and providing for our family, and it must come only after God and Family are served.

I believe that our employees are our greatest asset, and that by honoring these core values, the employees will, in return, bring honor to the company by taking pride in their careers… a pride that will be seen by the company’s customers not only through the service they receive, but also in the very heart of those employees who provide that service.

While no company can succeed without profit, it is the company’s position that profit does not have to be the foremost goal of the Corporation in order for it to succeed and attain a respectable profit margin. In fact, while it has been proven that customers in any market are willing to pay premium rates for premium service, it is the Corporation’s belief that by simply providing a quality product at a reasonable rate (while focusing on our core values) that existing customers will desire to increase their current business levels while new customers will be attracted and generate additional business as well. This growth in traffic or service thereby generates profit increase, and not at the expense of decreased customer service levels, diminished employment benefits, or deferral of necessary maintenance. Nothing goes farther toward growing your product and increasing your profits than honesty and integrity coupled with a genuine commitment to maintain the assets by which you earn your income. Period.

To summarize, I believe that so long as the company 1) honors its core values, 2) focuses on a clearly defined region, 3) provides a quality product at a reasonable rate, and 4) maintains its assets by reinvesting its earnings, the company will be successful not only in a corporate and financial sense, but also and more importantly, in a moral and ethical sense.

Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation is a new company with a true vision toward changing how the rail industry is managed and operated. The corporation is committed to serving God, our Families, our Customers, and our Communities. Albeit on a local level… as Carolinians committed to serving our Carolinas… the company is committed to propagating such change through the very belief that we can and will lead by example.

I am committed to making a difference in this industry and am proud to call the Carolinas home.


"What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?"

Romans 8:31 KJV


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